CPQ (Configure Price Quote) helps your channels close bigger deals faster with visibility into the latest product and pricing information, and the ability to quote quickly—from any device. With built-in analytics and intuitive workflows, your reps and partners can discount smarter, run faster than the competition, and be easy to do business with—no matter how complex your business becomes.

The Benefits of CPQ :

- Speed Deal Cycles & Close More Deals with CPQ : Shorten deal cycles by quickly and easily directing reps to the best products and pricing for your customers. Eliminate delays from manual errors, approval backlogs or out-of-date product and pricing information. Respond to customers from anywhere with mobile quoting. Guided Selling intuitively navigates sales reps through even complex product catalogs and specialized pricing to create quotes that will close the deal.

- CPQ that Increases Deal Size : Maximize deal size with cross-sell and up-sell recommendations while configuring products that precisely align to prospects’ and customers’ preferences. Protect margins and eliminate rogue discounting with deal scoring and automatic approvals. Drive customers to buy more with targeted promotions and automated renewal ordering. Optimize pricing and incentivize your team to increase sales and your bottom line.

- Use CPQ to Automate Sales Across Channels and Locations : Close more deals faster whether you are direct selling from HQ through partner channels or an E-Commerce website. Efficiently manage the different product, pricing and proposal needs across channels so every quote is 100% accurate, no matter where it is going. Whether you’re company is large or small, you can scale with ease as your sales strategy evolves and your teams grow.

- Analyze Sales Performance in Real Time : Gain total visibility into your sales process with analytics fueled by the real-time activities of your sales team. Track product and pricing trends and analyze acceptance rates and revenue performance to meet sales goals. Uncover your bottlenecks, streamline approvals and remove barriers to deals to truly transform the way you do business.

- Use and Administer CPQ With Ease : Apttus CPQ enables agility and drives adoption of your existing infrastructure. Personalize user interfaces to make CPQ easy and intuitive, or connect to Apttus’ unique X-Author technology so teams can work in Excel and CRM at the same time. Manage even enterprise-class product catalogs and pricing with clicks, not code, and rely on the strength and security of the Apttus Intelligent Cloud.

-Customer Success Comes Easy With Apttus Configure Price Quote Software : When you partner with Apttus, you become a member of the world’s largest community of Quote-to-Cash leaders, achievers and motivators—including experienced CRM administrators, domain experts and CRM MVPs—who can help you grow your own expertise and deliver more value no matter your role. Get the most from Apttus by engaging with our online community, participating in one of our advanced training workshops, or joining over 3,000 Quote-to-Cash experts from Sales, Finance, Legal and IT at our annual user conference, Apttus Accelerate.