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eduSuite OnDemand

Land MIS

Education is the fundamental factor responsible for the growth of any developing country like India. It’s now high time to make our Educational Institutions enjoy the technological benefits.

  • Provide online interactive methodology between Teachers, Students and Parents.

  • Provide role based access & authority to various kinds of users like Admin, Principal, HODs, Teachers, Students and Parents.

Land is the habitat of man and its wide use is crucial for the economic,social, and environmental benefits of all countries.

  • Computerization system of registration and its integration with the land records maintenance system.

  • Computerization system and records including data entry/re-entry, mutations, digitization of maps and integration of textual and spatial data.

Grid Wizard

Content Organizer

Grid Wizard gives the Administrator a point-and-click tool for constructing grids. Your grid is saved as a VisualForce Page ready to drop into any standard Salesforce Page Layout.

  • Define the Grid (Select the object, rows and columns, optional totals)

  • Configure the Grid (Name rows & columns, Select fields from drop down list, select optional borders)

  • Copy/paste generated code into VisualForce Page

  • Drag and drop into the objectís standard SFDC Page Layout.

Content Organizer enhances and further helps with organizing CRM Content and Chatter Files. Now you can search for Content and Chatter Files in a file folder structure or by using our easy to use filters feature. Searching for Content and Chatter Files becomes a much more pleasant experience and can help build user adoption.

  • Play video and audio files inline without having to download
  • Search CRM Content and Chatter Files

  • Search CRM Content in both Public or Private Libraries

  • Search and Filter Libraries, Tags, and Custom Fields

  • Mass Download Content and Chatter Files