Frank Steenburgh

Frank Steenburgh

Frank D. Steenburgh is an "Advisory Board Member" of Consummate Technologies. Frank is a Former Corporate Officer of Xerox and Former President of Indigo as a n Advisory Board Member! Frank D. Steenburgh brings over 45 years of industry experience, including the past 30 years in digital and is internationally recognized as an expert in digital printing and publishing. His experience includes being a corporate officer at Xerox and president of Indigo's Americas operations.

Frank is also on the Board of Directors and serves as Chief Consultant for SoftPrint, Inc., a holding company for ColorCentric Corporation. In addition, Steenburgh is President and CEO of Steenburgh & Associates, LLC, an enterprise dedicated to helping companies grow their revenues through development and implementation of revenue growth directed business, go-to-market, product and sales strategies.

Frank retired from Xerox at the end of 2005, where he was a Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President Business Growth. He had responsibility for growing Xerox’s $5 billion production business, with a strong focus on digital color. Prior to that, Steenburgh was Senior Vice President and General Manager for Xerox’s $2+ billion production color business. In 2001 Steenburgh launched the Xerox e-Services Business, which leveraged the Internet to help customers better manage their content-based processes from creation to fulfillment globally. From 1995 to 1997 he was President of Indigo’s (now HP Indigo) North and South America Operations. Internationally recognized as a digital printing and publishing pioneer, “DocuFrank” (as his colleagues at Xerox refer to him) has spent most of his career in the in-plant and graphic arts industries. The year after he launched DocuTech, Frank was recognized by Business Marketing magazine as one of the top marketers in the United States. Underscoring his leadership in the graphic arts industry, in 2000, Steenburgh was the recipient of two prestigious industry honors. -The Association of Graphic Communications’ “Power of Communications” award recognizes the positive influence, creative excellence and outstanding achievements within the world of broadcast, print and electronic communications. - The “Print-On-Demand Pioneer” award from Cygnus Business Media, the publisher of ten magazines covering the graphic arts industry, honors the most influential early participants in the digital print-on-demand revolution.

In addition, in 2004 Steenburgh was the recipient of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) “CARY” Award, one of the most prestigious awards given out in the graphic arts industry. Steenburgh is the author of articles for such graphic arts publications as Document Processing Technology and DocuWorld magazine. He also has been the subject of numerous feature stories in such leading publications as Printing Impressions, In-Plant Graphics, Micro Publishing News and Digital Publishing Solutions. He has also written monthly articles for Digital Printing magazine, a Chinese publication similar to Printing Impressions.

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